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Drive Traffic, Raise Brand Awareness and Increase Sales with Google Ads

Unlike organic SEO, Google Ads provide instant results in form of search engine visibility, increased traffic and new leads.

Whether you’re looking to bring in new website visitors, grow online sales, get the phones ringing or ensure customers keep coming back for more, Google Ads can help.

Paid Advertising That
Drives Results

Google Ad campaigns can be extremely effective to raise brand awareness, increase traffic and generate sales but also extremely expensive and wasteful if not done right.


    At Fox & Hound, we focus on getting the right traffic to your site, not just any traffic


    For each client, we create a unique strategy customized for your business and goals


    We monitor, analyze and optimize our client’s accounts on a daily basis adjusting ads and bid strategies based on results


    We treat your budget like it’s our own always being cost conscious, constantly split testing and adjusting campaigns always with the main focus to maximize ROI

Constantly Evolving

The Google algorithm is currently changing, forcing us to pivot, adjust bid strategies and work with new regulations.

  • Continuous Education

    Education to stay on top of the latest changes is our highest priority. Most in-house teams can’t stay up to date on all updates and changes which is why they bring us in

  • Feed Optimization

    Most companies leave feed optimization on the table not utilizing the Google Merchant Center’s information to optimize and increase conversions

  • Data Analyzation and Reporting

    We’re sending highly detailed weekly reports visualizing campaign metrics and success data including first vs. last interaction conversions to make data-driven decisions to maximize ROI and CTR

Overall Campaign Success

Like the entire inbound marketing spectrum, the success of your ads heavily relies on factors beyond the AdWords console.

These are just a few of the factors that influence the success of your campaign:

  • Value proposition
    Crafting an offer that is attractive to your target audience and converts

  • Web and landing page design
    User-friendly and responsive design 

  • On-site conversion rate optimization
    Page load speed, user-driven design and continuous optimization based on interactions