Made by Nature. Perfected by Science.


Terpene Science

Terpenes excite us and they should excite you too. If cannabinoids were the gas pedal then terpenes would be the steering wheel. Without them, Tangie wouldn’t have its characteristic citrus scent and it might not give you the euphoria you’ve come to know and love. We’re just beginning to understand the benefits of terpene blends and isolates, and there are hundreds more out there waiting to be discovered. That’s why we’ll always be at the forefront of research and development.


At Abstrax we promise strict adherence to the highest standards by rigorously testing our products and ensuring that our terpenes undergo a series of post processing refinement.We’re developing industry leading best practices alongside innovative formulations. Abstrax specializes in developing and manufacturing a variety of Cannabis and Hemp based products including concentrates, topicals, cosmetics, vapes, tinctures, sublinguals and terpene profiles.


What started as just a family with an interest in cannabis research has grown into a team of pioneers working toward the development of a modern, global industry.
We want to push the boundaries of cannabis manufacturing and terpene discovery by focusing on developing new, game-changing formulations to improve the quality of cannabis products and the overall cannabis experience.

Clients & Partners

Discover – Sensorial Experience


If Blue Dream is your favorite strain, you’d know that sweet, blueberry taste anywhere. If you’re more of a Master Kush person, then you shouldn’t taste anything other than the rich woodsy, pine flavor you know and love.

Any product we formulate (be it a vape, tincture, beverage, concentrate, etc.) will delight your palate because we want the natural taste of our products to contribute to a consistent full-spectrum cannabis experience.


Skin is one of the biggest indicators of health in the human body, so anything you put on it should contribute to its wellness. From muscle balms to cosmetics, cannabis infused topicals can have a  wide range of effects including pain relief, hydration, and anti-aging. And it’s because of that healing potential that we’re so dedicated to creating and using only the purest elements for these potentially life-changing products.


Traditionally, the scent of cannabis has been one of its most memorable qualities. But to a cannabis connoisseur, the scent of each strain is dynamic and multifaceted.

That’s why we’ve spent so much time carefully crafting our terpene blends. We’re discovering exactly what gives each strain its unique scent so that the aroma of our products contributes to the overall sensorial experience.