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Terpene Formulation

Abstrax can help you develop new product formulations that will continue to differentiate your products and brand. Our custom terpene formulations are engineered specific to your products and desired customer experience.

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We offer three types of custom formulations including products designed to be strain specific, flavor driven, or effect oriented. Our partners include industry leaders manufacturing a variety of products including vapes, ecigs, tinctures, topicals, and beverages.

Specialty Concentrates

Customized to Your Needs We Manufacture Cannabis Concentrates for You


Looking like something between dried peanut butter and crumbling candle wax, this product is a concentrated form of THC extracted through butane washing. Prized for its taste, potency, and being easy to manipulate with dabbing tools, Wax is a widely popular solvent-free BHO.

Bubble Hash

An oldie but goodie, this smokable is more refined than traditional hashes. Bubble Hash is extracted from cannabis using ice, cold water, and a number of increasingly fine-grained sieves, sometimes called “bubble bags”. Usually a dark brown solid, this delectable substance has maintained its popularity despite the rise of other, more potent concentrates.


Produced through a combination of heat and pressure, Rosin is very difficult to distinguish aesthetically from BHOs. The main difference is that no solvents are used in its manufacture. Rosin retains the terpenes of the cannabis used to make it, so the taste can be argued as truer to the inherent plant nature.


This potent BHO derivative manifests itself in exquisite crystalline structures that look similar to amber. Called shatter because it actually can shatter due to improper treatment, the final product is almost too beautiful to smoke.

Distillate Oil

Simply put, distillate oil is the crown jewel of the cannabis spectrum. Often referred to as “clear” due to its transparent appearance, this substance is a staggering 90% THC. Lab tested, undiluted, and undeniably effective, Abstrax’ oil is our top of the line product for consumers seeking a high of the finest quality.

Live Resin

This potent BHO derivative manifests itself in exquisite crystalline structures that look similar to amber. Called shatter because it actually can shatter due to improper treatment, the final product is almost too beautiful to smoke.


Sometimes referred to as “terp juice” or “terp sauce”, this high terpene full spectrum extract (HTFSE) is incredibly potent and flavorful. While most extracts focus on maximizing either cannabinoid or terpene content, sauce manages to combine the best of both worlds. The massive terpene presence (up to 60% more than other concentrates) boosts the effects of THC, resulting in a powerfully blissful experience that tastes absolutely spectacular.

Live Rosin

Not to be confused with live resin, Abstrax live rosin is made through a precise combination of heat and pressure. Unlike regular rosin, made from dried flower, kief, or hash, live rosin is extracted only from freshly frozen flower. This sourcing keeps all the natural terpenes of the original cannabis intact, resulting in a superior, more natural taste.


In addition to our smokeables and terpenes, Abstrax offers a number of cannabioid-infused creams, lotions, and oils. When placed on particular areas of the skin, these products have a wide range of healing and rejuvenating effects.

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These sustainably sourced treatments restore skin appearance and generate feelings of comfort and peace.

Vape Products

Small changes make big differences in concentrate manufacturing. Our products are created with specific intention behind their taste, cannabinoid ratios, terpene formulation, and effect.

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Furthermore, we can incorporate specialty hash products into vapes like rosin, shatter, etc. While we are more than satisfied with our line products, we are happy to create custom merchandise relative to client taste.


The ‘Edible in a Bottle’ is perfect for people who don’t want to smoke or vaporize, these mixtures are easily transportable, almost odorless, and highly effective.

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Balancing terpenes, cannabinoids, and medicinal agents if necessary, our modification potential is virtually limitless. The best thing about tinctures is the level of control. Each dose is perfectly calculated so you know exactly what is inside.

White Labeling

From Formulation to Distribution, We got You Covered  – So You Can Focus on Growing Your Brand


We formulate custom terpene blends or custom cannabis strain profiles for you, using our award-winning solven-free terpenes


We do the pre-qualification test and post-production test for you, check for potency, pesticides, and fulfill all other required tests


From distribution and packaging to assembly, filling, handling, insertion, labeling, sealing and shipping – We got you covered


Upon demand, we store your products in our facility, do your inventory, and fulfill and ship all your orders so you can focus on building your brand

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